The Grand Prix

A great finish

All the boats well arrived in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon after an intense 350-mile Ocean Race from Halifax. We know the winner but… it is not finished!

After a warm welcome, competition goes together with sharing in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. The sailors of the ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre do a lap of honour!

Route Halifax Saint Pierre Grand Prix
Route Halifax Saint-Pierre Le Grand Prix Allianz

A matter of hospitality

Welcome on board! We, sailors from the Archipelago and from all over the world, thank you for your hospitality.

Each boat of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre takes on board those who shared their great adventure. The family of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon who sponsored the crew, the volunteers, the partners, the friends, this day, everybody is on the start line.

A spectacular race

Be careful, this is a race! You will have to deal with local winds and currents, the whole crew focused! From the historic port of Saint-Pierre to the other islands boundaries, you must also go near the powerful Colombier. A passionate inshore race that is rarely won without the local experience, enjoy the challenge!

ROUTE Halifax Saint-PIerre Grand Prix