The Team Route Halifax Saint-Pierre

Philippe Paturel

President of ROUTE Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and co founder of the ROUTE together with the late Hal Davies, Philippe started sailing when he was 5 years old at the Saint-Pierre’s Yacht Club. His passion for sailing led him far away from the waters of the Archipelago on the most prestigious sailing races both sides of the Atlantic.

Philippe reached numerous podium, the highest steps of Route Halifax Saint-Pierre and won the France Sailing Tour, on 35 to 60 feet monohulls, double handed or fully crewed.

Serious competitor while racing, hospitality and conviviality are a priority for this ardent ambassador of the Archipelago. “At the crossroads of the routes between North America and Europe, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a charming unusual stopover. Route Halifax Saint-Pierre is for me a great moment of sharing and unforgettable encounters between sailors from all part of the world, Canada and France and the entire population of the Archipelago. But, do not forget that it is first of all an intense competition, and even with my 7 participations, winning is not easy!

Emmanuel Chaigne

Manu is the Race Committee President of the ROUTE. Technical Director of the Saint-Pierre Yacht Club, he has a recognized experience in Offshore Racing and a perfect knowledge of local waters making him a unique and very respected manager from all sailors.

Sailing from Halifax to Saint-Pierre is complex. Looking at the map, Halifax to Saint-Pierre is simple, all the way towards north-east. Sailors, however, must be careful about various weather conditions. The first 120 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia is a tactical choice between onshore and offshore winds. Then, from the last promontory of Cape Breton, the strong tidal currents are to deal with. The arrival on the Archipelago can be full of surprises depending on winds direction sailing through the islands. 3 miles before the finish line in the “Passe à Henry”, the winner is official”.

Expert in Ocean Racing, Manu has been cooperating for many years with Sylvie Viant especially during the Transats Quebec Saint-Malo following the boats when sailing through the Archipelago. Experience and trust, as well as strong links built from Race responsibility, make this duo an exceptional team to lead the ROUTE.

Manu is surrounded by the volunteers of the Saint-Pierre’s Yacht Club for the Race Committee and the staff of the Municipal Sailing School which both ensure the safety of the arrivals and the Grand Prix.

“Our work is also to help the crews coming from all over the world, both for official papers and the organization of their stay. In 2018, we will also put a strong emphasis on environmentally practices, as part of our “Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta” certification process.”

Sylvie Viant

Race Director of the ROUTE, Sylvie is one of the great figures of the International Offshore Race and we are honored that she is joining the ROUTE for the first time.

Sylvie has directed the most prestigious competitions including the Vendée Globe, the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Route du Rhum, Quebec Saint-Malo, The Transat or the Barcelona World Race and of course the Tour de France à la Voile, origin of her meeting with Philippe Paturel during the first participation of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon in 1990.

Race Director of Quebec Saint-Malo for 4 editions, including the last 3 ones, Sylvie has worked for many years with Manu Chaigne, who operates in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon when the boats sail the Archipelago. Their skills in Ocean Racing and a perfect knowledge of the local water together with a strong friendship built over the miles make it an exceptional tandem to lead the ROUTE.

This great sailor, the first woman to accomplish an around the World Tour on the Withbread in 1973, has to her credit many Transatlantic Races, including the Transat Lorient / Saint-Pierre / Lorient in 1987 during which she skippered “Depeche Mode”, a 63 feet monohull.

I’m looking forward to cooperating again with Manu and seeing Saint-Pierre et Miquelon where I have not been back since 1987. I have a wonderful memory of my stay in the Archipelago and during each Transat Quebec Saint-Malo, I always regretted not being able to stop there“.

Mike Evans

Chairman of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre in the two editions of 2010 and 2012, based in Halifax, Mike is an enthusiastic supporter of the ROUTE. Mike, a prominent member of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron and Sails Canada, has become one of the pillars of this French-Canadian race. Working in Nova Scotia and on many international regattas, he has become the ambassador for ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre and a top coordinator to relay the ideas and decisions of the organizing committee to the Haligonian partners.

Board of Directors of the Association

ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre is organised by the non-profit organization ROUTE Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

The members of the Executive Board are:
Philippe PATUREL – President and Founder of the ROUTE, Emmanuel CHAIGNE – Vice-President, Oswen LAFITTE – Secretary-Treasurer

Other members of the Board:
Damien PORTAIS (YCSP), Martine BRIAND, Club Lions Avenir, Sylvie LEBOLLOCQ

The Associate members are:
Mike EVANS – Coordinator in Halifax,

Member with an advisory vote:
Christine CAPANDEGUY (Municipal Sailing School)

The volunteers

Route Halifax Saint-Pierre the volunteers

A team of highly involved volunteers and the entire population is committed with the conviviality to the success of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre. In cooperation with the Lions Club Avenir, they are more than 100 to work on the organization of the event in Saint-Pierre.

Each of the boats is also sponsored by a family of the Archipelago who follows his favorite, welcomes him whatever the time of his arrival and takes care of the crew during his stay. They are part of the soul of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre and give it its unique charm.  The ROUTE would not exist without them, a big Thank you!