Silver level Clean Regatta certification of Sailors for the Sea

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

The ROUTE fully committed to restore Ocean health

We are proud to announce that ROUTE Saint-Pierre & Miquelon has received Silver level Clean Regatta certification of Sailors for the Sea, the largest worldwide organization exclusively dedicated to Sustainable Development Certification for the boating community.

ROUTE Saint-Pierre & Miquelon has been involved in the certification process of Sailors for the Sea since the beginning of 2017. The Silver Level is the first step of an ambitious program whose target is the development of environmentally friendly practises together with raising awareness of our oceans and planet protection.

The reward of a collective commitment

ROUTE Saint-Pierre & Miquelon wants to share this result with all its partners, volunteers and crews for their support and participation in this process during 2018 ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre.

The main areas have focused on all year long actions as well as during ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre: new on line communication and registration tools allowing to avoid the use of paper, recycling bins and awareness campaign settled by the City of Saint-Pierre, re-usable dinnerware at the Café de la ROUTE, the elimination of single use plastic bottles, bags and straw together with the promotion of our commitments towards our partners, teams and crews as well as general public.

Keeping actions and raising awareness to preserve the future

The list of good practices goes on and ROUTE Saint-Pierre & Miquelon will intensify its efforts all year long on these important issues.

ROUTE Saint-Pierre & Miquelon is a major event for the development of sailing in our Archipelago, it is our responsibility from now and for the future generations to develop it with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean from land each year and are found in the stomach of fishes, seabirds, sea turtles. It is an alarming situation and everyone’s actions have an impact.

We really want to thank the teams of Sailors for the Sea for their help and advices in our various actions.

No water, no life. No blue, no green.”  Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, Mission Blue Foundation

Join the race to restore Ocean health:  Sailors for the Sea