The Grand Prix of the ROUTE, honor to the Archipelago

Route Halifax / Saint-Pierre

The video of the day

A great finish with Titouan Lamazou

At 12.00, the Race Committee led by Emmanuel Chaigne, gave the start of the traditional Grand Prix of the ROUTE, a magnificent race in Saint-Pierre’s bay where the boats of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre take on board volunteers and sponsors to thank them for their support. This is the Grand Prix of hospitality, soul of the ROUTE. Titouan Lamazou, Sponsor of the ROUTE, just arrived in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, joined the crew of Philippe Paturel on “Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Oakcliff Racing”, winner of the 9th edition of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre in CLASS40 Class. An ideal way for the winner of the first Vendée Globe to discover the Archipelago. Titouan saw many times the coasts of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon sailing offshore in the region but visits the islands now for the first time.

Sails and birds

In south south-west wind, the crews sailed out of the Gordon Cape of l’Ile aux Marins and l’Ile aux Pigeons before racing around the majestic Grand Colombier, north to the town of Saint-Pierre, then reached the Passe à Henry, where the wind accelerates violently and famous for its strong gusts. Protected Nature Reserve for thousands of migratory birds, the Grand Colombier welcomes in the summer murrelets, puffins and small penguins. A magical place that crews could see from the deck of sailboats during this Grand Prix.

The crew and population of Saint-Pierre Parad

Following the Grand Prix, the crews of the ROUTE together with the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre walked along the harbor until to the Town Hall. Leading the Parad, the maple tree of the ROUTE offered for each edition of ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre to the Saint-Pierre Town Hall and symbol of the Franco-Canadian friendship of the ROUTE since its creation. Much more than a race, the ROUTE is a major event for the French Archipelago and the opportunity of unforgettable encounters!