The A31 “Ville de Saint-Pierre”

A sailing boat for Offshore racing school

Target 2018: An A31 promoting the colours of the City of Saint-Pierre will join the fleet of the Municipal Sailing School to train the great sailors of tomorrow in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

The A31 built in France by Archambault is a 31 footer (9.55 m) high-performance monohull racer-cruiser. It is perfectly adapted to any type of sailing, from fully crewed of 6 people to double handed or solo.

For the first time, the Municipal Sailing School of Saint-Pierre will operate this type of boat and will be able to propose a high level teaching in Offshore Racing to the new generations of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and enthusiastic amateurs.

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon A31 Ville de Saint-Pierre
Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon A31 Ville de Saint-Pierre

Inshore and Offshore sailing sessions

The Municipal Sailing School and the Saint-Pierre Yacht Club have been affiliated since 1988 to the French Sailing Federation. Training sessions supervised by their experienced teams will be proposed from the summer of 2018.

For the program, navigation and techniques of course but also weather forecast and routing tools to get the necessary skills to sail away and enjoy exceptional moments on the Ocean. In parallel, the beginners will be proposed tours to discover sailing and the richness of the shores of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon.

High level training

The A31 “Ville de Saint-Pierre” will also be on the start line of international competitions and will train the youth of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon to Ocean Racing.

A local crew will follow an intensive training, supervised by the Saint-Pierre Municipal Sailing School, the Saint-Pierre’s Yacht Club and members of the CLASS40 “Saint-Pierre et Miquelon” crew.

With a sailing boat that has taken part and won many races, a rich program and a real educational strategy will bring the sailors of the Archipelago to the competition level. The best ones will also be part of the crew selection of the CLASS40 “Saint-Pierre et Miquelon”.

A major opportunity for Saint-Pierre et Miquelon to develop the practice of sailing and a true springboard for Offshore Racing in the Archipelago.

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon A31 Ville de Saint-Pierre

A program of regional
and international competitions

Route Saint-Pierre et Miquelon A31 Ville de Saint-Pierre

The A31 “Ville de Saint-Pierre” will participate to competitions from Newfoundland coasts to Newport waters.

The A31 “Ville de Saint-Pierre” will also promote the City of Saint-Pierre on the Rallye des Cousins, a great 240-mile race between Magdalen Islands and Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, one of the other must event of the Archipelago.

Then, the full program in 2018 will include ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre, of course, and many other regional events.

A flagship to be considered as seriously as the CLASS40 “Saint-Pierre et Miquelon” on the start line!