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A small part of France in North America

Nestled 25km south to the island of Newfoundland, at the mouth of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a French archipelago with a very singular charm.

6000 inhabitants settled on the two main islands, Saint-Pierre, the city and the harbor, and Miquelon-Langlade with its large natural spaces of freedom.

Surounded by l’Ile aux Marins and uninhabited islets, this small territory of France near the very close Canada is a unique place of the Atlantic Ocean. Total escape guaranteed!

Voilier a Saint-Pierre et Miquelon photo Franck Le Bars
Bateau à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon photo Franck Le Bars

A great history with the Ocean

Quite unusual the adventure of these French people coming from Basque Country, Britany, Normandy and Acadia to settle in the Archipelago. Since Jacques Cartier in the 16th century, fights did not stop in this part of the Atlantic. Saint-Pierre et Miquelon became definitely French in 1816.

The Great Fishing period, the fleets of schooners filling the harbour, the Prohibition and its famous “Rum Runners” are part of the history of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and created its strong personality, unique and very proud of its French culture.

Exceptional islands

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a paradise of biodiversity. Its shores and lands offer a sea with both Caribbean and dark icy green colours, wild moorings to verdant forests and rocky coasts with sandy lagoons.

Like a nest on the Ocean, the Archipelago welcomes hundreds of species of birds. Seals, puffins and penguins greet dolphins, whales and orcas swimming between the islands. Thousands of flowers and wild fruits flourish in stunning landscapes beneath the lights of aurora borealis.

An intact beauty with many facets, nature and stunning panoramas lovers, you are welcome!

Baleine à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon photo Franck Le Bars
Etal de Morue à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon photo Franck Le Bars

A culture of hospitality

“Bonjour, une baguette s’il vous plait !“ So French, like the gastronomy, the French wines and the national celebrations. Together with the sea treasures, cod, lobster or Saint-Jacques Royales from Miquelon and the colorful houses, the tasty blend of Europe and North America goes straight to the heart.

The hospitality is not a legend and a hand is always given to the new comers, heritage of generations of sailors used to the sea adventures. These authentic and warm encounters go always together with music in the Archipelago and, for sure, you will meet a singer or enjoy a concert during your stay. Warm and authentic, the magic works right away!

Fantastic waterways at the crossroad of the routes

Whether you are a Transatlantic sailor or travel lover, you will meet in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon arriving from the ocean or leaving from Canada.

Sailing the ocean, dealing with the winds and currents, checking the moves of the sky, dealing with the natural elements is written in the genes of the Archipelago. The small territory offers then its mooring bays to shelter or compete, before being the beloved stopover of sailors and travellers. For guaranteed unforgettable memories!

Paysage de Miquelon-Langlade, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon,photo Franck Le Bars
Maisons sur la mer à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon photo Franck Le Bars

All information for your journey

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