Weather and course: tactical and magical!

Route Halifax / Saint-Pierre

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Ideal conditions for departure

How are the 9th ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre crews going to be ridden tomorrow Tuesday, June 26 at noon? On this eve of departure, the computers heat up and the brains smoke: sailors and race directors study the weather files of the departure. “We’ve been looking at this for a few days now, the weather has changed, we’re going to go with rather weak north-west winds of about 10 knots. But quickly the wind will turn west and strengthen” explains Emmanuel Chaigne from Saint-Pierre, President of the Race Committee. Sun, a light breeze for the departure right in front of the Halifax Waterfront. The dream!

ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre 2018, Halifax Waterfront

First tactical hours

“There is still a bubble without wind at the start of the climb up the coast of Nova Scotia, it will fight from the outset, be very responsive” says Marc Dubos, skipper of CLASS40 “Esprit Scout”. Indeed, behind the depression that waters and shakes Halifax on Monday, the wind will soften and perhaps hold surprises. It will be necessary to be opportunistic as explains Gilles Barbot, skipper of the VOR 60 “Esprit de Corps IV”: “We have a depression that spends this night and we leave right after. Either it sucks everything, or we will be in the tail of the depression with a constant wind to Saint-Pierre. The first twelve hours of racing will be tactical with surprises due to the coastal effect, after when we leave the Canadian coast, it will be downwind. “

ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre 2018, Halifax Waterfront

Towards a tonic sprint from the first night at sea

Yes, it will slide to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon as soon as the Canadian side in the transom! 15-20 knots, then 20-25 knots from the south-west will push the sailboats to the archipelago. “24 hours after departure, the tonic southwest wind is confirmed. There will be gybes to do because the boats will be full downwind. The first arrivals should take place on the night of wednesday to thursday “explains Emmanuel Chaigne. Still, the weather is not an exact science and a thousand things can happen on this 356 nautical miles race. One thing is certain: the sailors are eager to leave and have prepared to face the wind and the cold: “The questioning is more compared to the cold, the nights will be difficult, much more than in the Caribbean! I’m going to make onion peel option, that is to say accumulate the layers of clothing. ” confided Bettina, teammate on the CLASS40 ” Esprit Scout “…

To remember:

Record times of the firsts of the ROUTE: the fastest: 29h30 in 2010, the slowest: 62h in 2014.

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ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre 2018, Halifax Waterfront

And meanwhile in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

All the volunteers of the ROUTE are mobilized for the last preparations and the exceptional welcome that all the population of the archipelago knows to reserve to the boats of the ROUTE. The Café de la ROUTE is embellished with wood and colors, opening from the day of departure on June 26 at 17:00 and every day until June 30 from 07:00 to 01:00 am. All menus from breakfast to dinner await the many guests and the bands are ready to go on stage. Check out the whole program and have the party start in Saint Pierre et Miquelon.

ROUTE Halifax Saint-Pierre 2018, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon